Who We Are


Our Cook Shop Brand of seasonings are a reflection of South Louisiana culture, community and most of all cuisine. Food is a huge part of the very fiber that makes New Orleans and South Louisiana an unmatched fixture that is often duplicated but rarely done so successfully.


Save Time and Money

Seasoning is the base for a delicious Louisiana inspired dish and The Cook Shop, all-in-one team of seasonings gives us the flavor we desire without the expense and fuss of having to buy and chop a lot of vegetables, herbs and spices. The ingredients you use to give your food that mouthwatering savoriness Louisiana is known for, are already added to the blends. Our seasonings make everything taste good and are healthy for you too!


Seasoning offerings rooted in Creole and Cajun tradition and built on family recipes passed down for generations, have powered The Cook Shop brand. We offer you an authentic, all natural option to add exciting flavor to your life, straight from the shelves of the supermarkets to your spice rack. We want you to cook meals you can feel good about and that everyone will love you for.


We want to shine a bright light on the best tasting cuisine in the world, made easy and affordable. Get a one of a kind cultural experience through The Cook Shop. It's much more than a brand, it's a way of life, bringing your family and friends together, to pass a good time, New Orleans style. It is our deepest desire to do our part in elevating the lives of others through Louisiana culture, beginning with amazing meals that are healthy and delicious.

What's next?

The Cook Shop by A Casual Connoisseur is currently growing it's network through strategic partnerships and simply providing a quality product to each and every customer. We plan on building a community around not only our products, but what we stand for too.

Our Delicious Offer

We believe that eating food that is full of flavor shouldn't be an unhealthy endeavor. With our seasonings you and your family will be able to enjoy the taste of Southern Lousiana without leaving your kitchen. Try our seasonings and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Creole Seasoning

    The Creole Seasoning uses a tomato base. Tomatoes are used consistently in Creole dishes and help to separate New Orleans’ Creole cuisine from the rest of Louisiana cooking.

  • Cajun Seasoning

    The Cajun seasoning has what is known in Catholic Louisiana as "the holy trinity:" a seasoning base of onion, bell pepper and celery. These vegetables are the foundation for countless Louisiana recipes.

  • Low sodium

    The seasonings contain only 3% sodium because they’re vegetable-based, not salt-based. All of the flavor with none of the guilt.

  • Louisiana pride

    Our seasoning blends are old family recipes that are the product of early New Orleans settlers and tradition that dates back centuries.

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  • Worldwide shipping

    The Cook Shop calls New Orleans LA Home, but we ship our cuisine enhancer byway of Creole and Cajun Seasonings to anywhere in the world. ORDERS OVER $30 SHIP FREE. Visit your local supermarket and request The Cook Shop as we seek to bring flavor, health consciousness and culture to every spice rack in the world.


"Hands down the best seasoning I've had in a long time"

Thomas P.

New Orleans LA
"I couldn't believe something could have this much flavor and not be bad for you"

Natalie R.

Slidell LA
"I use the creole seasoning on everything

Chef Paul R.

Tampa FL
"This brings me home with every bite and I'm happy to know I can get this shipped to me too."

Brittany S

Anchorage AK


Here’s what we’re working on and thinking about at The Cook Shop.

The perfect date night dinner is THE COOK SHOP CREOLE BAKED LOBSTER TAILS, with a side of fettuccine tossed in a lemon butter sauce. This recipe is easy, but sure to make you feel indulged and decadent. Add a glass of champagne. It’s ok to do something special for yourself. You deserve the very best. The Cook Shop Seasonings are your FLAVOR FOUNDATION!!!

The Cook Shop Strawberry Spinach Salad

Kara Johnson

Strawberries are in season! Upgrade your salad game with this fabulous strawberry spinach salad. Eating healthy is good for you, but it can also taste good to you. Get the recipe at CookShopNola.com.

Meal Prep for Beginners

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Learn to meal prep! Now that so many of us are working from home with our kids in tow, and restaurants are closed, cooking everyday is becoming a thing. We might as well make the most of it. Planning and organization will make the Covid-19 experience so much easier. Start here with these helpful tips.